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4 Steps to get fast deliveries with Quickee.lk During COVID-19 in Sri Lanka

4 Steps to get fast deliveries with Quickee.lk

During COVID-19 in Sri Lanka


The COVID-19 pandemic that arose during the latter part of 2019 still continues across the world even in the year 2021.  As a result of the pandemic, many changes have happened universally. “Social Distance” has created a new boundary among all citizens worldwide. Thus, the “Online Shopping” industry has been positively enhanced from the year 2019. Most of the citizens across the world intent to shop online and to get goods delivered fast. Most customers find it very convenient, less time consuming, safe and as a prompt service compared to the traditional shopping style that excited for many decades.

Just like all other countries worldwide, the Sri Lankan Online Shopping industry has also significantly enhanced as a result of COVID – 19.  Most Sri Lankan’s with their busy lifestyles and with the intention of social distancing have moved from the traditional shopping style to online shopping which is very convenient and less time consuming. Hence, Quickee.lk plays a major role in the Online Shopping Industry of Sri Lanka with its significant, fast delivery service in Colombo that has won the hearts of many citizens in a short period.

Step 1 – 

To experience this fabulous service, create an account with Qucikee.lk. The website is Desktop and Mobile friendly, thus it’s convenient for the users to use either their mobile phones or the desktop while using Quickee.lk.  Furthermore, the customers are provided with the ability to “Create an account or Login” to the website using their personal social media accounts.


Step 2 – 

Explore the online store of Quickee.lk. The Online store contains a wide collection that covers from groceries, Automatics, Baby care, Electronics, Musical Instruments and etc. So, it’s time to explore your favorite products and to add to your shopping cart effortlessly.


Step 3 – 

Once you’re done selecting the products, it’s time to CHECKOUT! Click Checkout! Next, fill up the form with your personal details that are required to proceed with your online purchase. It’s mandatory to enter your contact number, shipping address, city and also your name appropriately in order to avoid any errors in delivering the products to you on time. Moreover, the delivery service of Quickee.lk covers most of the selected areas in the Colombo District. Thereby, for further information regarding the prices, locations and the postal codes of the Delivery service of Quickee.lk, please refer the link below.



Step 4 – 

It’s time for Shipping! As one of the best Online Retailers in Sri Lanka, Quickee.lk provides a remarkable delivery service to all its customers. Furthermore, Quickee.lk is also a well-known brand for the fast delivery in Colombo”.  

Step 5 –  

As the final step, it’s time to proceed ahead with the payment for the confirmed order with Quickee.lk. The customers are provided with multiple modes of payment for their convenience.  Customers are able to pay by cash, Card or on Delivery.

Enjoy fast deliveries to your door step with no hassle and worries during this pandemic at a reasonable rate! Stop waiting and experience the new era of Online Shopping with Quickee.lk today.