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Food Delivery Near Me - Experience Beyond Takeout

In Colombo, Sri Lanka, food delivery has evolved beyond mere takeout. Local vendors like Big Plate, SFC Nawala, and SFC Dehiwala offer great food to be delivered right to your doorstep.

Big Plate

Big Plate: Indulge in Big Plate’s juicy Hot Garlic Wings, crispy French Fries, or a refreshing Coleslaw Salad.  Simple and satisfying.

Southern Fried Chicken

SFC Nawala: Hit the Spot with Flavourful Chicken! Craving crispy perfection? Dive into their Single Meal (Rs. 1500) – two juicy, boneless chicken breasts (250g) smothered in their signature garlic mayonnaise and fiery kochchi sauce. 

Want the full experience? Upgrade to the Single Combo Meal (Rs. 2000) for refreshing coleslaw, two fluffy bread rolls, and a 400ml soft drink – the perfect combo for a satisfying lunch or dinner! 

SFC Dehiwala: Satisfy your craving for crispy goodness at SFC Dehiwala. Their Single Meal (Rs. 1500) features two juicy, boneless chicken breasts (250g) perfectly cooked and coated in their signature flavour bomb: a creamy garlic mayonnaise balanced by a fiery kochchi sauce.

Craving a complete feast?  Upgrade to the Single Combo Meal (Rs. 2000) for a refreshing coleslaw, two fluffy bread rolls, and a 400ml soft drink, making it the perfect combo to conquer your hunger!

Craving crispy chicken perfection? Look no further than SFC Delkanda! Just like their counterparts in Nawala and Dehiwala, SFC Delkanda offers mouthwatering Single Meals and Combo Meals. Each features juicy, boneless chicken breasts cooked to crispy perfection and drizzled with their signature sauces. Whether you’re in for a quick bite or a satisfying feast, SFC Delkanda hits the spot!

In the age of convenience, food delivery isn’t just about sustenance; it’s about creating moments. So the next time you’re hungry and craving something extraordinary, explore these local gems. Let your taste buds travel, and let food delivery be an experience beyond takeout.

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