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Making Your Fragrance Last longer!

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to wearing scents. The final step in your cosmetic routine would likely be applying perfume before you leave the house. It can seem that easy, yes?  Your ability to smell fresher for longer may depend on where you apply perfume, how much you use, and where you store it. Read on and find out how to make your scent last longer! 

Spray Perfume Onto Your Pulse Points

Since your veins are closest to your skin there, it is ideal to concentrate on your pulse points. These warm areas of your body produce extra body heat, which aids in the fragrance’s natural diffusion. It can be points such as,

  • Inside of your wrists 
  • Inner elbows 
  • Behind your ear lobe 
  • Back of your knees 

Avoid Massaging Perfume into Your Skin

You probably have the habit of rubbing your wrists together after applying perfume, right? Or even seeing your friends or family members doing this?  When you apply perfume to your skin in this manner, the top notes actually disappear before they have a chance to settle. This indicates that the notes that initially drew you to the fragrance never actually meld with your skin.  What you want perfume to do is slowly mix with your skin’s natural oils and that is what will make the scent last longer as well!

Where You Keep Your Perfume is Important

If you want your perfume’s scent to last longer then even the place where you store it is important! Keeping your perfume in a cool and dry place is the best way to keep perfume’s composition at its peak.  Keeping your perfume in direct contact with sunlight would break down the composition of the perfume and even storing it in your bathroom would do the same. Your favorite bottle of perfume may last less time if it is exposed to water, humidity, or significantly different temperatures. 

Best Perfumes to Try Right Now!

Finding a perfume that you love and would stick to can be difficult since there are so many to choose from! Not every perfume is the same and is made differently so get one that is worth
your money from us.