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Online Medicine Delivery Service in Colombo

Remember the days when walking to the pharmacy to get your own meds required getting out of
the house, prescription in your hand, walking down the street to see your old friend, the
pharmacist? We may feel nostalgic about it, but even the thought of going out into the world to buy
something when you can get online almost seems comedic.
That’s the world we live in. And the pandemic has compelled us to look of alternate solutions to
something as mundane as buying groceries. Ask yourself if you would have to slightest thought of
order provisions online two years ago. But that is reality now.
Hey, this is a reality that we all never expected, but it was always coming our way. Does that make a
difference that we are now adopting a new normal, a complete tangent to everything we have ever
know? Not really.
This new reality brings a hoard of convenience, efficiency and adoption of intuitive technology that
were non-existent a couple of years ago. It has transformed our lives so drastically that online
medicine delivery is an actual option if you ever want to buy medicine online.
Delivery service in Colombo is not a new concept, but the pandemic has compelled the people,
accelerating its usage and has made it a common entity in every household. While this requires
companies to enhance their business model to support this evolution, businesses that have
successfully transformed their model have seen greater achievement during the same period.
Quickee.lk has not just transformed their model of business, but has risen to greater heights,
revolutionising delivery with their lightning service. Delivering within Colombo in less that 2 hours,
not limited to the item you are ordering, is a disruptive service that other businesses can only dream
It doesn’t stop there. Quickee.lk has further extended their service to facilitate medicine. It’s as
simple as uploading your prescription and it will be delivered to you in no time. Now that you know,
welcome convenience into your life with Quickee.lk

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